Garden Planning & Crop Rotation

By on September 08, 2012

In this video, Tricia shares her tips on garden planning which can reap many rewards such as breaking disease cycles with crop rotation and continuous harvests by succession planting.

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This was great!  Your planters are a little like mine in my enabled square-foot garden that I do ALL from my Rascal Scooter.  Mine were made from my 5 yeat old redwood fence boards.  They are different lengths but 0nly 2 ft wide so I can reach across.  My constructor, John, put drip lines in the latest boxes and wire arches from box to box for the feeder lines, so I can drive under, not over.  I started pole beans on the arches.  I have a 22 slide, slide show (windows photo gallery) if you would like a view!  I had your bumper sticker on a box out front, but the wet wood sort of let it curl.
Love every thing I got from you!  The cylendar beets have the best greens!

Posted by Janet L Fisher, Retired Aerospce Researcher on Sep. 17, 2012 at 1:11:14 PM


Janet, What wonderful raised beds you have! It’s inspiring to hear that you do so much gardening from a scooter! We’d love to see your irrigation arches covered with green beans—and more of your garden. If you’re on Facebook, please post photos on our Page there so everyone can see them

Posted by Charlotte, Peaceful Valley on Oct. 01, 2012 at 7:54:03 AM

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