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Fall Garden Planting Calculator

What to plant and when? Simply enter the date when you anticipate frost in your garden and indicate whether you'll be using a season extender such as Agribon floating row cover. Press submit and then choose from the seeds below for your "cool" garden. These seeds were selected because they grow well in the cooler days of Autumn.

Cool the soil. Some seeds like spinach, kale, kohlrabi & endive need the soil to cool down to 75 degrees to ensure germination. Water the soil generously to lower the temperature and use shade fabric to keep it cool.

When do you anticipate frost? (Not sure? Find your frost date here)

Do you plan to use Agribon row cover or other frost protection? yes no
Adding AG-50 row cover offers 8 degrees of protection. Depending on your climate, this can extend your season by 3 weeks or even allow you to grow all the way through Winter!
Organic Carrot, Lunar WhiteOrganic Carrot, Lunar White
Organic Kale, ChineseOrganic Kale, Chinese
Organic Lettuce, SunsetOrganic Lettuce, Sunset
Organic Lettuce, Lolla RossaOrganic Lettuce, Lolla Rossa
Organic Onion, Torpedo Red BottleOrganic Onion, Torpedo Red Bottle
Organic Onion, Rossa Di MilanoOrganic Onion, Rossa Di Milano
Organic Turnip, Seven TopOrganic Turnip, Seven Top
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