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Wildflowers are better than weeds

Sep 05, 2011 -
  Wildflowers are better than weeds
Our Southwest Wildflower Mix grows 9 to 36 inches tall.

Is there a wild area in your garden where you fight weeds every year? Replace those weeds with colorful wildflowers. We have four ways to help you:

1)  Watch Tricia’s easy instructions in our new video for germinating and destroying the weeds before you plant wildflower seeds in the fall.

2)  Check our Growing Guide for Wildflowers with detailed planting instructions for fall and spring.

3)  Explore our Wildflower section and find 24 wildflower seed mixes for climates and soils all over the country. California Coast? Got a mix. Southwest? Both natives and non-natives. Cold climate, or clay soil, or deer-resistant—we’ve got you covered. And if you want to make a statement with just one wildflower, you’ve got a rainbow of choices.

4) Read The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada for more inspiration.

We have a hunch you’ll be happier with wildflowers instead of weeds in your yard and on your hillsides.

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