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When & How to Spray Fruit Trees with Dormant Sprays

By on February 18, 2011

spraying fruit trees while they are dormant

Tricia’s video gives you the scoop on spraying peach trees and shows you the spraying process. Different kinds of trees have different spraying needs, so here’s a gathering of resources for you.


A calendar from UC Davis has advice on when to spray and prune year-round in your home orchard. Winter pest issues (with both organic and non-organic treatments) are spelled out thoroughly in another UC Davis publication on backyard fruit trees.

Our local Master Gardeners for Placer-Nevada Counties have a good article on dormant spraying of fruit trees in their quarterly newsletter, The Curious Gardener.


The UC Davis and Master Gardener publications give you guidance about which oils and fungicides are needed for your trees. Some of the terms may be new to you, and our Natural Insecticide Glossary can help with that.

We offer you the most complete information available about the organic pest control products we carry.

On our website you can read the labels for all our pest control products. Go to the product page for a spray, then look under the Details tab for a view of the product label or the Materials Safety Data Sheet [MSDS]. For example, here is the page for the Monterey Horticultural Oil used in the video.

We have PDFs on many pest control and fertilizer products when available.


For proper disposal of pest control products, be sure to contact your local solid waste management facility.

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Reggie What is best for peach leaf curl I live in Prescott AZ

Posted by Peach leaf curl on Jan. 05, 2014 at 4:01:08 PM

Hello Reggie,

As far as what we carry, Liqui-cop is a copper fungicide labeled to control peach leaf curl.

Posted by on Jan. 15, 2014 at 9:56:37 AM

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