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DIY Succulent Wreath or Succulent Ball

By on November 09, 2012

Use a succulent wreath as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, then hang it as an indoor decoration.

Make a succulent wreath or succulent ball for holidays and celebrations any month of the year

Now that the rain and snow have arrived, it’s “stuck indoors” time for many gardeners. You can still garden inside, snipping and planting, when you create a succulent wreath or succulent ball.

We have all the supplies you need to make succulent gardens in a variety of shapes.

First, watch our new video where Tricia shows you how to make a succulent wreath.


*  Use one of our ready-to-plant sphagnum moss wreath forms, or build your own wreath form with mesh tubing, moss, and a wire frame.

*  Soak the wreath, then poke a hole with a pen at each place you want to plant a succulent cutting.

*  Lay the wreath flat for the first week (to encourage rooting), then hang where it will receive filtered light.

We have tips on watering and light for succulents in our video about growing succulents.

Succulent wreath shapes

We have three pre-made sphagnum moss wreath forms.

Round wreaths and the ancient circle are satisfying in any season and lend themselves well to the winter holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Square wreaths demand attention as a more modern look.

Heart wreaths are especially suited for weddings and anniversaries, and are a favorite shape in country homes and gardens.

The 21st century disco ball is the succulent ball

Suspend succulent balls, from the ceiling of your front porch or back deck, or indoors. Use both our 3” and 10” sizes for all sorts of effects.

Mix your succulents

Order 2” succulent plants from our collection. For a thickly planted wreath, use 24 plants. With 12 plants you will have a more thinly planted wreath that will fill in over the months.

Choose any combination of our succulents. We recommend a selection of the rosette shapes (echeverias, sempervivums, graptopetalums, aeoniums, graptoverias) with low growers (anacampseros) and vertical elements (crassulas, rhipsalis, andromischus, kalanchoes).

Plants that work better in a flat succulent container garden than in a hanging planting are aloes, lithops, and pielospilos.

Create a succulent wreath or succulent ball now for Thanksgiving, and start dreaming up wreaths and balls for your celebrations in the future!

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Do you sell heart shaped wreath forms, if so what size and how much do they cost?

Posted by Liz Clapp on Jun. 20, 2013 at 5:35:24 PM

Liz, Yes, we do now have 9” heart-shaped wreath forms and they are $12.99. Thanks for your interest!

Posted by on Jun. 21, 2013 at 10:09:07 AM

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