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Organic Mosquito Control & Fly Traps

May 6, 2011 - GrowOrganic
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Vampire movies are big right now, but most people don’t want their blood sucked by mosquitoes. They don’t want flies biting them, either, or landing on platters of food. Get rid of those pesky insects, without spraying clouds of toxic chemicals all over your yard. INTERRUPTING THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE MOSQUITO: In the warm water of summer, a mosquito can run through its life cycle in one week. So go dump any standing water (home to mosquito eggs, larvae and pupas) right now. We’ll wait. Back?…
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Video Transcript
Hi I'm Tricia a California organic gardener and summer is coming and along with it come wonderful dinners outside and homegrown vegetables as well as flies and mosquitoes. Today we're going to talk about controlling those pesky insects organically. First off when it comes to flies you want to be sure and control both the larva or maggot stage and the adult fly. Your controls will be much more effective if you go after both of the life cycles of the fly so to attack the larva stage I've enlisted the help of some of these fly parasites you can release these in warm weather about every one to four weeks. So if you have farm animals like my chickens or my neighbor horse ginger you should release about every one to two weeks. These little fly parasites actually mini wasps and you can release them next to a fly breeding site like the manure pile or in my case the chicken house. These little wasps will parasatize and kill the larva of many different fly species. Well we just took care of the fly larva now we're going to trap the adults flies. We're going to do it in this sturdy wooden fly trap made right here in Grass Valley. Let me show you how it works - so take the two screws out of this fly trap to open it get the tin pan pour the bait in it, this bait is made of ammonium carbonate and yeast and the flies really love it. So the reason the flies like this bait so much is because its smelly so that's going to help you determine where to put it I'm putting it in my yard under direct sun next to the fence where I have another horse pasture. So what's going to happen is they're going to visit the bait and then they're going to try to get out and there going to get out through this little hole and that's going to lead them right inside the trap. You can reuse this trap year after year and catch thousands and thousands of flies. So another great trap for smaller yards is this flies be-gone trap it's really easy to deploy simply pour in the non-toxic bait and fill with water and hang it up. The Victor fly Catcher no vapors, no bait, no mess, no stink this can be hung in your shop in your stable in your barn in your garage. Pull it and twist now you can hang it for wasps and yellow jackets just use this pesticide free trap it contains a lure and you just add water well that takes care of one pest but what about the mosquito that's probably one of the biggest pests of all and the most important thing in controlling mosquito populations is to remove any place where they breed and that means getting rid of any standing or stagnant water. For ponds and other water features you can use these BT mosquito dunks these are biological mosquito controls BT is a naturally occurring bacteria that kills the target insect species in this case the mosquito but leaves other species alone. Bats eat millions of mosquitoes in the summertime and if you want to check more bats to your place just install one of these bat houses like I have of course that bath house isnt quite big enough because my bats have also nested behind my garden art. This garlic based mosquito barrier will help you enjoy your garden more in the evening and it's safe to spray around kids and pets and even your food garden and don't worry it wont make everything smell like garlic. Spray generously around the area of your yard you want mosquito free it kills adult mosquitoes and larva and it works on tick, gnats and fleas. Too take back your summer from the bugs and do it organically enjoy your yard all summer long and grow organic for life!

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Solutions: Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets

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Mimi Nelson Says:
Jun 18th, 2014 at 10:26 am

Thank you for this information! This is one of the problems I face yearly. I wish to know more about the garlic spray. What is the mixture for this- if you don’t mind.

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