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Submit your Fruit & Vegetable Pictures!

Submit photos of ripe fruit and vegetables growing before you harvest. All entries are displayed below. If selected your photo will be tagged with a ribbon and featured on a product page on our website & you'll receive 5 FREE Peaceful Valley brand organic vegetable seed packs of your choice!

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  Female Cucumber Flower  
by Michael
posted on 11-11-13
by rob
posted on 11-10-13
by Familyof5
posted on 11-10-13
  Summer Yellow Squash  
by Familyof5
posted on 11-10-13
  Brown Beans  
by Familyof5
posted on 11-10-13
  Mammoth Sunflower  
by Familyof5
posted on 11-10-13
  Rouge vif d’Etampes “Cinderella” Pumpkin  
by Black Sheep Farm
posted on 11-10-13
  globe artichoke  
by t scott
posted on 11-1-13
  Potted herbs, thyme, basil, chives & sage  
by Larissa
posted on 10-25-13
  Chadwick Cherry Tomato Red  
by Sophie
posted on 9-1-13
  sugar watermelon  
by nancy
posted on 8-26-13
  Organic Gourd, Bottle  
by Candace
posted on 8-14-13
  Lettuce Gourmet Mix  
by Barbara
posted on 7-26-13
  Organic Gourd, Bottle  
by Amanda
posted on 7-22-13
  Organic Tomato, Rainbow Cherry Mix  
by Heather
posted on 7-15-13

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