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Tips for Growing in Hanging Containers

Apr 15, 2010 -

Hanging plants can be beautiful and for folks with limited or no gardening ground container plantings can be grown on decks or porches or next to a south or west facing window.  One must be careful when growing inside, next to a window, because the increased heat and reflection a window will add can dry out a plant quickly and even burn it.  It takes a bit of sensitivity to find the right location for a plant, when growing indoors.

It is very difficult to grow in a hanging bag or container environment.  You have less soil and nutrient availability and the containers can dry out quickly.  Daily watering may be necessary in warm weather.

PVFS carries a couple of products that could help:  

1) Start with a good quality potting soil.  

2) Diatomite rock (F003) added to your potting soil will assist in retaining water and nutrients and increase oxygen in the soil.  This product is superior to vermiculite or perlite which will also increase water retention and oxygen.

3)  add Bio-Fish to the potting soil  

4) Once plants are emerged from the soil use an organic fertilizer, use a plant sprayer to foliar feed with a kelp based fertilizer  such as Maxicrop.

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