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Three new reasons to plant blueberries right now

Feb 28, 2011 -

organic blueberries for health

Thought you knew all the health benefits of blueberries? Seems like there’s a new study coming out about them every day.

The three latest reasons to plant and eat those blueberries:

* Blueberries do housecleaning in your brain

* Blueberries lower your blood pressure

* Blueberries may reduce Parkinson’s risk by 25%

Dr. Andrew Weil lists six of the well-known benefits of eating blueberries (in case you need a review).

Which blueberry bush is best for you?

Are you a small-space gardener? The variety ‘Top Hat’ was made for planting in containers and will stay small but productive.

Live in USDA zones 3-7? You can grow Northern Highbush blueberries like the popular ‘Patriot’.

Warm-weather gardeners, try Southern Highbush ‘Southmoon’ for zones 6-9.

The more the merrier (and the healthier you’ll be)—plant a mixture of early, mid and late harvest blueberries. Fruit for a longer season in the summer. Our blueberry plant descriptions will give you all the harvest information.

And enjoy the fall color too, as the blueberry varieties each turn a different color. Makes a stunning edible landscape feature.

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Apr 22nd, 2011 at 2:19 pm

[...] are at the top of the health-boosting hit parade and they’re popular with all ages. And species! Your dog may “pick” the ripe [...]

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