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The Grunt Work

Oct 28, 2008 -

Saturday, I finally got to go out and get my hands a little bit dirty (well, not really…I was wearing gloves...but you know what I mean).  In preparation for the Great Garden Project, I need to get the yard ready for tilling.  The back yard looks pretty good, and all I really need to do to it is move a few rocks.  The front yard, however, is another story.

Front Yard 1

I grabbed my brand new rake , and got to work.  Now, this isn’t trying to be a sales pitch, but…this is one great rake.  It has the spring of any other rake, but the tines stay firm enough to pull any size pile.  It’s like working with a shovel, but with teeth and flexibility.  I HIGHLY recommend this rake!

In any event, I quickly  discovered just how important a good yard cleanup before any landscaping is.  I had actually considered just tilling in any yard waste back into the soil, but am I glad I didn’t.  I found a LOT of things that don’t belong in the soil.  I particularly loved finding SEVEN lighters, and the lid to the previous septic tank.

So, this weekend, the fun part happens.   Like most men, I appreciate big honkin’ vehicles that do more than just drive.  Vehicles that do things. OK, I admit it…I’m a little boy.  But I appreciate a big tractor, and I will be haivng a great time Saturday morning, when the tractor comes down and I get to thoroughly demolish my front and back yards.  I can’t wait!

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