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The Fate Of My Fruit Trees

Mar 20, 2009 -


As I sit gazing out my window at my beautiful garden on this sunny morning, the first day of spring, I can’t help but worry about the fate of my fruit trees in the days ahead.  I never want to get too excited about my trees bearing fruit at this time of year though it is so very tempting. 

Last year I thought for sure we had passed the danger zone and made the mistake of actually verbalizing what a good fruit year it looked to be.  I will never make that mistake again.  All it took was 6 hours of frost on the last weekend of April to kill all the tender fruit in Nevada County.  My trees especially the peach and cherry trees are loaded with blossoms that look like pink and white popcorn. Oh how tempting it is to fantasize about all the delicious fruit that the blossoms will bring forth.  Instead I look at their temporary beauty and wait in patience for the summer so as not to anticipate their success or failure.

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