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The difference between ‘Raw’ and ‘Organic’

May 29, 2009 -

An email question from a PVFS customer - and answer from our staff.

Question:I have a question about one of your products. In a catalog our relatives
recently received it is called Premium Soil Builder Mix, but on your
website it is called Organic Soil Builder Mix. In the catalog, it has two
versions, “Organic” and “Raw”. My question is what is the difference?
What does “Organic” vs “Raw” mean.

We would like to order some of the Soil Builder Mix and plant it right
away but want to be sure of which product to order.


This requires a two-part answer, as the terms “Raw” and “Organic” have little to do with each other.
“Raw” just means that a seed has not been rhizocoated, which is a method of inoculating certain types of seeds by coating them with beneficial bacteria, which helps to stimulate nitrogen production.
“Organic,” on the other hand, is merely certified organic seed.  However, you will not see, at least through us, an organic cover crop seed that is rhizocoated—however, the inoculant we do sell is certified organic.

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