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Roma Sauce Maker Review

Sep 23, 2009 -

The Roma Sauce Maker instructions were easy to follow to set up the machine. I made grape-raspberry juice using the grape spiral from the accessory kit. I was impressed at how quick and easy it was to make. The most time-consuming part was the picking and washing of the grapes. The juice came out really clear and tasty.

I have also processed tomatoes for sauce. I used the “salsa” strainer because it left the tomatoes chunky, but without skins. A few seeds got through because the holes of the strainer are bigger, but it makes for a less watery sauce.

I am pleased with Roma’s performance and am looking forward to processing other things from my garden as they become available.

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Michael Bankston Says:
Sep 24th, 2009 at 1:25 pm

First let me say I have not used this product. I have for the last 30 years used the product this is a knockoff of the Squeezo strainer which is an all metal machine designed by an Italian immigrant over 100 years ago and still made in the USA. All parts are replaceable. I have processed many hundreds of jars of apple and tomato sauce as well as other produce. The Roma machine might be OK for people processing moderate quantities of produce or if price is the overriding consideration. But I think serious canners (and PVFS) might want to consider the Squeezo. Pricewise it goes for about 2&1/2 times as much.

Chris Baz Says:
Sep 25th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

I have an ancient version of this wonderful machine and we use it for Passion Fruit in Hawaii. Its really hard to separate the seeds from the thick juice in Lilakois
and this machine does it perfectly with no damage to the seeds and the pulp is almost dry. Highly recommended for anything with small seeds.
Ulupalakua Orchards Farm

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