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Q: White Clover to Reshape Existing Lawn

Jul 07, 2009 -

PVFS Customer Email - Staff response.


I would need to order white clover seeds to reshape my lawn, but before
doing so, I need to know:

1- how to seed them, and how to water them until they make roots. I have a
sprinkler system in my lawn (watering often between 4 an 8 in the morning,
as advised, does not stop my lawn from burning or dying!)

2- how would the white clover do under trees (maple, pine, but mostly oaks)
with dense shade, and where the grass has almost totally vanished. I know
that the acidity of the pine needles on the ground kills about everything,
but I cannot cut it.

I live in upstate New York, around the city of Rochester, and our Summer
has been especially hot and humid this year, as you must know. The lawn is
sunny areas is all yellow or gone. The only green spots I have are the ones
with clover. The white clovers even keep the grass it covers green. Just

Thank you very much for your help.



We carry 3 types of perennial white clover, (see page 62 of our main
catalog). The White Dutch prefers a little shade and the other two are more
heat tolerant.  The best time to put the seed out would be in fall when the
air temperature cools and the soil is still warm. You must keep the seed
damp after putting it out, which can mean watering 3 or more times per day
if its still warm out. When you see a green flush, you can beginning
increasing the length of time you water and water less frequently as the
weather dictates.
Clover is in the legume family.  They are able to take nitrogen from the air
and fix it in the soil.  They are sometimes hampered by commercial nitrogen
Hope this information helps,

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