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Q: Where to Plant Good Bug Blend

Aug 27, 2009 -

PVFS Customer Question - Staff Response


Should I put these stakes of good bug food in the shade under my orange trees,
or in the sun where the “low growing good bug blend” has been growing, gone
to seed, and is now dying out?

By the way, the low growing good bug seed works.  I’ve never seen so many
bees, lady bugs, and small wasps in the garden.  I don’t recommend planting
vegtables in with the good bug blend, however.  These vegtables were under
constant attack by bugs.  The vegtables planted in a bed beside the good bug
blend had less of a problem with bugs than in previous years.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Thank you for your input on the Good Bug Blend, we appreciate it!  You can go ahead and put the Good Bug Food out in multiple places.  The idea is you want to encourage the good bugs to stick around your property, because they will leave if there isn’t a food source, so as many places as possible is best.

Hope that helps and thank you for growing organically!

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