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Q: When Will My Bare Root Fruit Trees Begin to Fruit?

Oct 14, 2009 -

A PVFS Customer Email - With Staff Response


I’m thinking of ordering a couple of fig trees (Desert king / Osborne Prolific), persimmon (Fuyu) and grapes (Interlaken). Do you know long it will take for them to start fruiting?



Regarding the Fig and Persimmon trees, it’s possible that they will fruit the 1st year for the Fig and 2nd for the Persimmon.  It is better for the trees if you do not allow them to fully fruit out the first couple years so the tree will use it’s resources to establish a healthy root system.  If they put out very much fruit the first couple years pick most of it off.

The grapes will possibly fruit by the 2nd year, again you want the first couple years focused on the root system for longevity and higher, healthier yields later on.  Plus all this has variables related to the health of your soil and placement of the trees and vines.  Southern exposure with full sun will fruit out the grapes faster.

Hope this helps.  Thank you for your interest.

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