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Q: Using a Weed Flamer on Lawn Areas

Jun 26, 2009 -

PVFS Customer Question email- staff answer


I run a lawn maintenance service in SE Michigan. I am wondering if a weed
flamer (such as the Primus) would work well on weeds in lawn areas (mainly
dandelions). I would appreciate any information, and would like to know what
types of weeds it would work on.

Thank you,


The weed flamer would work well on dandelions but may take more than one
application.  It will also kill the grass around the dandelions. The flamer
will kill all annual weeds and grasses and some perennials.  It will also
singe anything you get too close to. We also sell a product called burnout
which is a natural herbicide labeled for the control of dandelions. It is
also non-selective and will kill the grass it is sprayed on.

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