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Q: Squirrel Troubles

Jun 26, 2009 -

Question from a PVFS Customer received by email and answered by our staff.


I have a terrible squirrel problem.  They devour my avocados, apricots, grapes, and even citrus before I can get to one bite myself!  Please help!  I have looked in your catalog in past years, but wolf urine, etc. has been banned in California, and I’m desperate.  What options does Peaceful Valley have for me.


Tired of squirrels in North Hollywood



We carry just a couple of products for squirrel control.  One is the Havahart Trap, item PAT064 or PAT078.  The other is the Sure Stop Squirrel Bait, item PAB300, which can be used with the Wilco Squirrel Bait Station, PAB405.

There are probably professional animal control companies in your area with natural or humane options, if it comes to that…

Good luck!

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