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Q: Soil Block Irrigation

May 18, 2009 -

I have built a bottomless 4’x8’ wooden box to contain my soil block transplants. I intend to water them automatically on a timer. I am considering placing a lenght of 1/2” poly tubing on wire hoops down the length of the box. I would like to directly insert fogger-mister(IRE200) in the tubing. My question is how many misters and at what spacing do I have to install them to evenly water the entire area of the box?

And, is it even possible to insert the mister directly into the poly tubing?

amber Says:
May 20th, 2009 at 2:13 pm

“The spray on the fogger mister depends on your pressure I believe it goes out about 2ft with standard pressure.  I’d say to put a mister every 18””  you might even consider installing two lines of 1/2”” poly instead of one.

Hope that helps!”

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