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Q: Saving Sudangrass Seed

By on July 06, 2009


I have been growing sudangrass that I have purchased from you.

Is this seed viable for replanting?  I live in Hawaii.  It is expensive to buy large quantities and pay shipping too.

If so, when should sudangrass be cut and how long should seeds dry be fore planting seeds.


Yes, you could save the sudangrass seed. The seed should thoroughly dry on the plant before you harvest it. Here is some general information on sudangrass from our website;

Warm season cover crop. King of the organic matter-producing, weed-choking cover crops and one of the most vigorous summer plants. Grows to 8’ on hot, fertile, irrigated soil. Reduces many species of nematodes and symphylans when grown as a rotation crop, because it secretes a nematocidal acid from its roots as it decomposes. Useful for reducing excess soil Nitrogen.

Can be harvested for hay; horses and cattle love it, but note that Sudangrass is toxic to livestock immediately after frost and possibly when plants are young (up to 24” tall) or stressed. Matures to hay in 75-80 days; to seed in 105 days, with very little irrigation.

Hope this helps,

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