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Which Low-Maintenance Cover Crop Should I Plant Between My Fruit Trees?

By on August 11, 2009

A PVFS Customer Email - with Staff response.


I used a 50lb bag of budget soil builder mix last year but only plan to use 1/2 that amount this year and would like to know if I can store the unused amount along with the unused amount of the innoculant for the following year if it would be ok.
The other question I have is on the mini perennial clover-grass mix (SCM750) and the low-growing clover mix (SCM700). Which one would be a better long term use with the least amount of care and how much water should I expect to give them and how tall should I let them grow before mowing them. I have pretty light sandy soil where my fruit tress are planted and I plan to use one of these produts in between my fruit trees to keep the dust down and leave the area around the trees rototilled. Thank you.


The seed should be fine if you store it in a cool, dry place.  You should purchase new inoculant next year, however.

Both the low growing clover and the mini clover-grass mix are good choices as far as low maintenance.  It just depends on whether you want some grass as well as the clover.  They are both perennial mixes, so you should expect to water regularly (the frequency and length of time really depends on how fast draining your sandy soil is.  Keep in mind that the trees like deeper watering, you might consider sprayers for between the trees and soakers around the dripline of the trees).  Once established, you can mow after about 4”.  Fall would be the best time to plant.

Hope that helps and thank you for growing organically!

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