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Questions About Kiwi & Persimmon Trees

By on November 19, 2009

A PVFS Customer Email - Staff answer.


I am very ineterested in buying a couple Persimmon - Fuyu-Jiro (Standard) trees and I have a few questions.  Do these type of trees need pollination? Can they grow well in Southern CA? We live in San Diego County, 2 miles away from the ocean. Also, I would like to learn about Kiwi - the same questions. Thank you!


The Fuyu-Jiro Persimmon does not need a pollinator.  They grow in USDA zones 7-9 as long as you get 200 hours of chill time for them, they should do fine.

Also, the Kiwi doesn’t need a pollinator, both male and female flowers are on the same vine.  I’ve attached your local Master Gardener’s Extension office, they may have better information particular to your area than I have available to me.

Take a Look at the Master Gardeners National Website here.

Hope this helps!


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what’s the procedure to plant Kiwi in CA? in terms of getting permission land etc? can you please help? i would really appreciate that. thank you

Posted by sia on Feb. 09, 2010 at 8:21:45 PM

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