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Q: Label Ripped off by Unnamed Creature

By on June 05, 2009

Another interesting Email from a PVFS Customer:

There is an unopened Green Light Fruit, nut, and vegetable spray container here but the directions have been ripped off by some alien humanoid insect, so I cannot determine how much to use per gallon of water.  It is 90% neem oil, the other ingredients of 10% is smeared beyond recognition, and no date.  Also, how much do I use per gallon?

THANK YOU for any help you can give me.  None of our local resources cares much for organic production but they sometimes stock it.


Keep in mind that the label, MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet), and other associated literature, can be found for most of our products on our website.  This information is located towards the bottom of each items page under the heading “additional information.”  As far as the creature which destroyed your label, I don’t think we carry anything for that.

Hope this helps!

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