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Getting Maximum Garlic Flavor

By on July 15, 2009


Hi There,

Regarding curing garlic, is it OK to cut off the roots and/or the tops right after you dig it and then cure it on screens in the shade? Is it OK (will it continue to gain flavor) to cut off the roots and braid the soft neck varieties a day or so after it is dug? I want to gain as much flavor as possible but would like to get it ready as soon as possible after being dug.


I don’t think it matters much if you cut the roots off after digging, but it is probably best to keep the top (or most of the top) attached while you cure the garlic. Most growers think the garlic head absorbs more nutrient from the top as it cures. If you’re going to braid the garlic, you certainly don’‘t want to cut off the tops anyway. Usually, the garlic is cured for several days before you braid them. Once braided you need to make sure there is good air circulation around the garlic, as it finishes curing.  The curing process is probably 2-4 weeks, depending on temps and humidity.

Hope this helps! Happy Growing!

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I would just add that we cut the roots after the garlic is cured - don’t know why maybe just so any soil that’s left on the roots comes off easier when its dry. Be sure to braid the soft necks before they become too dry.

Posted by Luke on Jul. 16, 2009 at 10:35:47 AM

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