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Q: Garlic by Climate

By on July 01, 2009


I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 7000 feet altitude, about 13” natural rainfall a year. I do all my organic vegetable gardening in raised boxes because of gophers. We have fairly mild winters, some snow but usually not heavy. I am wondering what garlics you would recommend for my climate, I would like to get a few different ones to try. Do you have an article on picking the right garlics for your climate/conditions or doesn’t it really matter?


Generally, hardnecks are better for variable climates, softnecks are better for mild climates (like Southern California).  Check out this link from the University of New Mexico for more info.  I’d also suggest you contact the Master Gardeners in your area for more local advice as far as which specific varieties to choose.

Hope that helps and thank you for growing organically!

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