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Plant a Living Easter Basket Today!

Mar 15, 2012 -
  Plant a Living Easter Basket Today!
You can make this Easter the best ever with a living Easter basket!

I enjoy simple crafts that bring beauty to each season. A living Easter Basket definitely fits this category.

What’s more is that it’s so easy to do—makes for a great hostess gift, and is way more eco-friendly than plastic Easter grass!

This year Easter is April 8th, which is 3 weeks away, so start your living Easter basket SOON!


1. Find some cute baskets.

2. Line the basket with a plastic grocery bag or a plastic plant saucer (inside the basket).

3. Fill the plastic liner with potting soil. You can use as little as an inch of soil for shallow baskets.

4. Thoroughly cover the soil with grass seed or wheat berries from the bulk section in your health food store. If you use wheat berries, you’ll literally grow wheat grass (if you enjoy eating/drinking it)!

5. Water thoroughly and place on a warm, sunny window sill.


Within two weeks you’ll have a lush green Easter Basket, table centerpiece, or hostess gift - a lovely touch of Spring that hardly costs a thing!

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Grow Organic! Says:
Mar 23rd, 2010 at 12:59 pm

“Another Easter Idea:
Fun for the kids.  Let your child fill a pot with potting soil.  Water the pot until completely wet.  Have them draw the first intial of their name in the soil about 1/4”” deep.  Scatter alfalfa or buckwheat seeds in the depression.  Lightly cover with more potting soil and gently press down.  Assist your child where needed and the more they can do themselves the more pride they will feel as their initial grows.

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