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Plant a Fall garden!

Oct 02, 2009 -

I know everybody is just coming down from the busy-ness of the Summer gardening season, especially for you hard working people still canning and processing (tomato sauce, apple sauce, pear sauce, whatever sauce), but don’t forget about the wonderful bounty Fall can provide!  I’ve been planting onions, garlic cloves, broccoli starts, and seeds of all sorts of greens.  It’s so exciting to think about the deliciousness these favorites will provide!  Of course, onions and garlic won’t be ready to harvest until July, but the greens and brassicas will be enjoyed through Winter.  For anyone who hasn’t had success growing broccoli in the Spring, try now instead.  It’s a struggle in the Spring when temperatures warm up rapidly to keep the plants from bolting, but in the Fall, broccoli (and other brassicas-cauliflower, cabbage, brussellsprouts, etc) just gets sweeter as the temperatures get cooler (for those of us who like to know the “why”, it’s because brassicas produce sugar to act as an “antifreeze” to protect their cells from being damaged by cold-cool, huh?).
Happy Fall!

GardenMad1 Says:
Oct 3rd, 2009 at 2:16 pm

this has spurred me on when I was feeling a bit jaded about my garden.  The vegetables haven’t gone well this year because there is too much shade from the trees but now the leaves are falling but the soil is still warm - who knows I might get something to grow yet!

Heather Says:
Oct 5th, 2009 at 8:56 am

Obviouslly written by someone not in Northern Ohio.  My fall stuff went in the last week of August in an attempt to beat the heavy freezes…  We have had our first frost already even in a hoop house late November is about as much as we can hope for most things.

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