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‘Peaceful Perspective’

Sep 26, 2008 -

Spring is here! 

Driving to work at Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply, my shoulders tighten, my stomach churns, my stress level seems to rise.  I am listening to the news and, like many others, wondering about my children’s tomorrow.

I walk into work – in my case, the Peaceful Valley retail store.  I am soon decompressing the news with my co-worker, Kathleen, and just talking about it as we count our register drawers makes me realize I’m not so alone in this economic/political/social dilemma.  Before long, we have the lights on, the curtains up, the fountain flowing and the customers to consult and serve.

Within a very brief time, my shoulders are dropping, my stomach is hungry (if anything),  my stress level is nowhere worth measuring (well, unless we experience a customer rush and everyone is paying in large bills).  PVFS is about the here and now.  Today we need to stock up on BT – the catepillars are running rampant.  Omega is flying off the shelves (when doesn’t it?) – everyone wants blooms, or growth, or vigor!  Shade cloth, bamboo stakes, garlic…my cash register sales are testimony to what we gardeners need in the present.  Today there are actions and products that will create tangible results tomorrow or next week.  Today, the incredibly beautiful bulbs on the PVFS shelves are the promise for my kids’ tomorrow - next Spring.

Working at Peaceful Valley helps me attain what we are so often advised for our well-being – living in the moment.  Soon enough, I’ll be driving home, with the news on and tomorrow’s bigger problems will creep back into my reality  If I’m lucky, tomorrow I’ll be back at my register at PVFS, concentrating on what is actually important and gaining a healthier perspective.

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