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Organic Bytes: Health, Justice and Sustainability News#172

May 07, 2009 -

In This Issue (read more from the Organic Consumers Association):

  • Quotes of the Week: On the Contemporary Crisis
  • Alert Update of the Week: Swine Flu: Reprieve or Lull Before the Storm?
  • Health Tip of the Week: Swine Flu and the Pandemic of 1918—How Homeopathy Cured Flu Victims
  • Alert of the Week: Safeguard Organic Standards
  • Consumer Tip of the Week: Organic & Sustainable on a Food Stamp Budget
  • Web Video of the Week: Pete Seeger at 9

Headlines and Articles of the Week

1) Putting Organic Baby Food to the Test
Grist Magazine compares popular organic baby food brands’ prices, packaging and corporate practices.
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2) Parabens Hidden on Product Ingredients Labels as ‘Honeysuckle Extract’
Some companies are tricking consumers into thinking their products do not have Parabens, but the potential toxin is actually present and hidden in the ingredients list as “Japanese Honeysuckle”, a natural source of Parabens but chemically identical to the synthetic variety.
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3) Study Finds Food-Wrapper Chemicals in Blood
“A new scientific study has for the first time found a new group of chemicals used in coatings on food wrappers in human blood…”
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4) Honeybee Collapse Strikes Japan
Up to Fifty Percent of Honeybees Gone The phenomenon is known as colony collapse disorder, in which large numbers of worker bees simply vanish. This wide scale collapse of bee populations could mean food shortages…
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5) When Big Business and Academia Mix, Where is the Line? Monsanto has appointed a new member to its board of directors. David Chicoine will receive nearly a half million dollars for his new position with Monsanto, and, at the same time, he will continue to serve as the Land Grant president with the University of South Dakota, overseeing academic ag research funded, in part, by Monsanto. Is it enough for him to claim there will be no bias?
Learn more

For an Overview of Monsanto’s Greenwashing efforts see: Blood Money: Monsanto and Its Philanthropy

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