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Nude Gardening

May 29, 2008 -

Super strong woven poly from GrowOrganic.comWe received this email from a customer the other day (reprinted with their permission), and I have to say, it is good that people are asking about this BEFORE the neighbors let them know…

“Hello,  does the diffusion qualities of this material (Super Strong Woven Poly) provide sufficient visual distortion for nude gardening in my greenhouse? Does the visual distortion increase when the distance is increased from the material?

In other words, if I am standing 1 foot from the material as compared to 3 to 6 feet?  Also, is the visual diffusion increased from a by neighbor’s viewpoint which is about 20 feet?  What if I used two layers, with a separation of 2 to 3 inches?”

- Submitted by Katie in Customer ServiceĀ 

that's awesome Says:
Apr 27th, 2012 at 6:44 pm

I want to try it. I’d like to garden and meditate nude in a super awesome greenhouse.

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