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Last Call for Potatoes!

By on April 15, 2009

If you haven’t gotten your potatoes in the ground you’re late.  I always have the last of them in by Passover.  Here’s the quick fix.  Lightly till a patch of ground, spread out some bone meal or soft rock phosphate in spots about 1.5 ft. apart, sprinkle some Biozome to decompose things quickly, set potatoes on those spots, cover with compost and soil and sprinkle with Nutri-Rich.

I bury mine 8-10 inches but this time of year you may want to do that in stages so the soil warms more quickly at the seed point, then run a line of soaker hose.  As plants emerge begin covering them with straw until you have a good six inches of straw mulch.  The little spuds will grow in the straw with just the right amount of moisture (not too soggy) at the seed potato.  Never let the new spuds see the sun.  They turn green and un-eatable.

And if you want your long season heirloom tomatoes to come in early get them in the ground now with Walls O’ Water. You’ll be amazed!

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