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Integrated Pest Management touch-screen kiosk coming soon to Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply st

May 13, 2011 -

Integrated Pest Management = IPM = Controlling bad bugs with the least toxic methods

IPM is a system endorsed by the EPA. It looks at the big picture of destructive insects, starting with the most natural control methods and only rolling out the heavy (toxic) artillery at the end of the battle.

IPM is not the same as organic control of pests because IPM allows the use of synthetic chemicals as a last resort.

The first steps of IPM are similar to organic gardening:

* Use crop rotation and good sites to give plants an advantage

* Don’t freak out over one bug

* Remember that some bugs are beneficial

* Let the natural predators do their jobs

* If pests are a problem pick them or spray them off with water

IPM and organic practices diverge when it comes to using synthetic chemicals for pest control problems. We support organic pest control here at Peaceful Valley.

University of California IPM website

Although we don’t want to use the final stage pesticides allowed in IPM, we agree with the early stages of the process and have great respect for the IPM information gathered by the University of California.

The UC IPM website is a go-to for diagnosing and solving problems with “bad bugs”. Each common garden insect has a page called a Pest Note, full of information on that insect and how to get it out of your garden.

University of California touch-screen IPM kiosk

Even easier to use is a new University of California touch-screen kiosk with videos.

We’re glad to announce a kiosk will come to our Grass Valley store on June 1st, for a two-month stay. Come in and play with it—we mean use it!

If you live far from us, check the list of kiosk locations in California.

You can watch our videos right now for info about organic controls for pesky flying insects, and for creepy crawlers and aphids.

Here’s what the University of California has to say about the kiosk:

The IPM kiosks contain information on 60 common home and garden pests, including pest identification and management, alternatives to pesticides and least toxic pest control, as well as safe use and disposal of pesticides.

The kiosk also has tips related to proper watering, fertilizing, and avoiding problems associated with garden chemicals. Kiosk users can look up a pest by category and name, or diagnose a problem on plants.

Users can watch videos, print and take home information, as well as locate resources for finding additional pest management help in their county.

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