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Mar 16, 2009 -

Tim and I started working with honeybees about two years ago and like gardening, what one learns from books is not the same as hands-on-experience.

Bees are such interesting insects and are quite captivating. I love observing them at the hive and on the flowers.

At this time of year the bees come out when the sun warms their hive and they search for pollen and nectar to bring back and feed the brood. One of the pictures shows the pollen packed onto her legs. The other shows her with her long tongue in the flower getting the nectar. We have planted a variety of bee-attracting plants that bloom at different times of the year so there always seems to be a plant on which they can forage.

Bees stay in the hive when it rains, so with this week of clear weather, they have come out to work again.

We have felt very lucky to have had our hive survive this winter and are looking forward to the summer when the bees will be working our veggies and sunflowers again.



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