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He who never tries never wins

Dec 03, 2008 -

Wall O Water Tomato Protection

Life is too short to hesitate.  My 14 year old Grandson, Bronson, raced BMX bicycle competitions from age 8 to age 11.  He is a natural born athlete as are many in our family.  But he has an unusual ability in this particular sport.  He decide to start racing again this summer half way through the season and immediately started winning so he went to the Nationals after 8 races and took 1st in races 1 & 2 and finished 2nd in the finals.

Because he did so well he caught the eye of a pro (Bubba was slated for the Olympics until he shattered his ankle) that invited him to go to his training camp. Well by the time they were done with Brons they told his parents he was good enough to go to the Grand Nationals.  So today I sat with my daughter (Bronson’s mom), my mother, husband, oldest son, and several grandchildren and watch this sweet hearted young man beat the pants off of his most dreaded competitor who had the best gate and all the advantage while Bronson had the worst gate and no advantage.  HE DUSTED HIM!  I could brag for hours but I’ll spare you.  The point is he could have let a thousand things stop him and had every reason to be discouraged when he got to Oklahoma but he pushed through every discouragement and won the race.

So how does that carry over to your garden you ask?  Let me tell you.  Don’t be afraid, press on,  just try things.  The worst thing that can happen is it won’t work!  I get so many questions from gardeners all over the US that want to know if this or that will work in their area.  I try to do the best research I can and give the best advice available but I always say in the end, you really don’t know what will work unless you try it.

I was told when I started my first garden at 5400 ft. in the high desert of NV with 6 weeks between frost dates that I wouldn’t be able to grow tomatoes.  Well that just didn’t set right so I discovered Walls O Water, red tomato mulch, Full Circle Compost, short season varieties, and row covers and had the best tomatoes in the county (because nobody else tried)!  It wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had gardening but that wasn’t the goal that year.

I had a terrible veggie garden this year because our nursery here at PVFS was so busy that I had no time for my own yard.  Rarely do I do any kind of winter veggies however this year I wanted to put a few things in.  But alas we sold out of all the things I wanted to plant before I could get things ready.  Well it’s been a beautiful warm fall and I was going through my old seeds and found a bunch of greens that are dated 1998 so I ran outside and within an hours time I had cleared out a raised bed, threw out the seed assortment in no particular order, and laid clear plastic down just to see if anything would germinate.  So now here’s my poor husband less than 4 weeks later out building frame work onto the the original seed bed and a second one so I can transplant things and spread them out.  So now I have two coldframes that I had no idea would be in my yard just a month ago “YEH” and I have literally hundreds of starts, some of which are ready to harvest for salads as I thin them.  Who would have ever thought that you could start 10 year old seed outside at Holloween in zone 8!  I still would be wondering if I hadn’t just gone out and tried it.  That’s the fun of it.  It may not work next year but dogonit I got away with it this time.  YES!!!!              I’ve also made many disappointed nursery customers very happy, who came looking for the nonexsistant starts, by sending them home with seed and my encouraging story.

I just came in from planting potatoes, peas, and chard and I think I’ll make a salad tonight from the last of our tomatoes and all that new yummy new buttercunch lettuce.  Got to have the energy to staple all that plastic to the framework tomorrow.

Virginia Says:
Dec 4th, 2008 at 6:00 pm

I couldn’t agree with you more Pam! As a new gardener I’ve been nervous about trying things I have no idea how to grow but there really is no better way to learn than to try it! I’m going to try planting lettuce inside this winter. If it works great! If it doesn’t I’ll at least have tried and probably I’ll have learned something. Planter boxes here I come. Thanks for the push Pam!

Grama Pam Says:
Dec 12th, 2008 at 11:58 am


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