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Glaser Wheel Hoe: A Farmer’s Friend

By on October 16, 2009

There’s been some interest of late in our Glaser Wheel Hoe‘s. These are worth taking a look at for the small garden or full production farms. We carry two different styles and sizes. One is the Standard and the other the Professional. Now for those of you that can remember sting ray bicycles you’ll recognize the same type of handles on the Standard Wheel Hoe. You can ride that puppy through your garden making short work (and a whole lot less bending) of those new weeds that the recent rains have encouraged to grow.  The Professional is a little beefier and has wider coverage than the Standard, as well as more attachment options. I have used the Standard and I must say they do take those young weeds out in a jiffy. The blade sits on top of the ground and you push it along digging just underneath the soil line popping off weeds in one swift pass.  If they are bigger plants with bigger root systems it may take a couple passes.  The blades are designed so you can “rock” back and forth if you need to, they cut from both sides of the blade. This long honored farmer’s tool has several blade sizes to fit most garden designs.  The Standard can take 5” - 10” stirrup hoe blades, center or offset. The Professional can take 11”- 14” stirrup hoe blades, center or offset, as well as hiller/furrower, goosefoot and 3-tine cultivator attachments.  This is one versatile tool. Made of rust-protected steel hardware and galvanized tubular steel handles, which are exceptionally light and maneuverable. If you are in the area stop by our store,  hold and touch one to see how it might feel out in your own field. You’ll be surprised how light they are!

Happy Weeding - I mean Happy Halloween!

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