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Dec 14, 2008 -

Dear Santa:


I have been a good girl this year.  I planted, fertilized, composted, and pruned.  I canned, dehydrated, shared and ate my bountiful crops.  My wildflower seeds are spread, my cover crop growing, my birdfeeders are full and my garlic, potatoes and onions are growing.


Please Santa, I have been oh so good!  Please send me the following gifts this season:


LADYBUG HOUSE – Spraying their little wings with mist as I release them is very time consuming, so could you please send me a home that will keep them in my garden where I intended them to stay?


DEER ATTRACTANT -  The way I see it, if you could make a bush that deer just love to distraction and will forsake all others (including vegetable and fruit trees!), it would make life oh so much less aggravating!  Oh, and by the way, if you could make their blood toxic to ticks upon digestion of said plant, that would be most greatly appreciated.


FROST TIMER - This shouldn’t be so tough for a guy from the North Pole!  I’d like a device that warns me up to 48 hours prior to those deadly weather events; plenty of time to apply some Agribon.


ULTIMATE COVER CROP – This needs to be low growing, evergreen, fire and deer resistant, erosion controlling, beneficial insect supporting and, of course, need no irrigation and be pre-coated with inoculant.  A little wildflower combo would be appreciated as well.  (I mean, Peaceful Valley has a pretty good selection, but somehow, they find it tough to meet all these criteria in a single blend.)


So Santa, four little gifts?  I’m sure there are plenty of other deserving gardeners out there who would benefit too…so spread the joy, the cheer of happy gardening.


Oh, and I know my kids haven’t been so good this year – but could you forget the coal for their stockings and maybe substitute some compost instead?


Thanks, Santa.  Merry Christmas…Janice

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