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Gardena Mania!

Sep 10, 2010 -

I decided to update my very sad sprinkler and sprayer with new Gardena ones, and I love them!  I got the Aquazoom 3900 sprinkler, the 4-in-1 spray gun, and I even sprung for the Electric 6 Cycle timer.  Gardena is made in Germany, and has a great reputation for quality and ease of use.

So, I set up the Aquazoom in my small rectangular lawn area, and was able to adjust the width and breadth of the spray to fit.  It makes a really nice sprinkle and puts out plenty of water to keep my lawn happy (well, it’s not very happy now, but I’m sure it will be after using this sprinkler for a while!).  It also has a quick connect coupler to the end of the hose, so if I ever wanted to move it to another area, it would be easy.

I’ve been using the 4-in-1 spray gun for my hand watering, and it’s been great.  There are four types of spray, but my favorite is the shower.  It puts out a lot of water and it’s diffused enough not to disturb the soil, even with a strong spray.  The volume is easily adjustable, and the head has a swivel to it which I’ve found helpful in using side to side motion if I want to.  It also has a quick connect coupler for easily switching to a different hose.

I went for the expensive timer, because I really didn’t want to buy a cheap timer that would stop working after a month.  The Gardena 6 Cycle 1060 (called “Water computer” in the instructions-English from German, I guess!), allows for six waterings in one day, from 1 min to 10 hours.  Way more than I need, but I can use it for other areas in the future.  Setting the timer was super easy (it needs a 9v battery, by the way), and I liked being able to choose which days of the week to water and all the flexibility for frequency and length of time.

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