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Fortunate Child

Sep 29, 2008 -

Sewing the seeds Time and Place:  Mid-September/ PVFS retail store



A mother-daughter team present me with a hand basket half full of seed packets.  (Even if you want to see it as half empty, that is one heck of a lot of seeds!)  The mom explains that she allowed her daughter (5 years old, I’d guess) to pick and chose freely.  “She likes to see things sprout”, she explains.



I find myself envious of this child.  My inner child finds these little packets enticing every time I restock the shelves or locate something specific for a customer.  Renee’s Gardens, Horizon Herbs, Turtle Tree, and of course, Peaceful Valley’s own…the graphic promises, the creatively chosen names, the crop I would love to grow but know I’d be the only one to consume in my picky family.



Dang!  What a fortunate child!  I hope someday she thanks her mother for her indulgence.  Maybe when she is a mother herself, she will realize how abundantly “over the top” her youthful garden was.



Before my father passed over ten years ago, I made him cry by just such a personal realization and a Father’s Day card.  My seeds came in little baby food jars and were the generic farmer’s fair – simple seeds that sprout without much care or fanfare.  But I wrote a card to tell him that “gift” had outlived any bicycle, stereo, college tuition or dress he had every bought me.  I’m glad I realized early enough that I too was a fortunate child.

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