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Birds in my Beds…

Sep 26, 2008 -

 Bird scare tape

The mornings have been cool, and I’m finally sleeping through the night without waking up in a torpor from heat induced dreams.

Thus I know that fall is here, and I can plant cover crop in my newly double-dug beds.  It’s been quite a process this summer of preparing rocky clay ground for growing, and I was anxious to finish in time to plant our soil builder mix, and get a good start on my garden next year.

With grandiose thoughts in my head of 6 foot tall legumes fixing pounds of nitrogen by December I scattered the seed and gave it a thorough watering.  I chanted Wendell Barry’s poem “Enriching the Earth” over the seeds for good measure.  The next morning….. who should arrive but thousands of ravenous birds, eating the delicious oat, pea , bean, and vetch seeds laid out so nicely for them.  A perfect fall breakfast!

Determined to fight back, I’m putting up some bird scare tape.  The red and silver kind that they think is fire.  It is still fire season here after all. Hopefully they’ll retreat into the hills.

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