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Bermudagrass - Straight from the pit of hell

Apr 01, 2008 -

My hands are still sore from the hours I spent ripping out bermudagrass from the edges of the garden I tend.  I learned that my patience for that chore is much longer lasting when done in the company of friends.  We can rip and talk, curse and laugh about it together.  After we pulled out as much as our energy allowed, we covered the area with a thick layer of cardboard, being sure to overlap.  Wetting it down helps to mold it to fit tight spots.  Then we shoveled leaf mulch on the cardboard about 4 inches deep and watered that down.  Since I know bermudagrass will take hold wherever it falls, we raked up the pieces and put all of the evil tendrils in plastic bags (not the compost pile!) to cook and die.

I’ll let you know how the sheet mulch endeavor works… Any other suggestions/experiences out there?

PS - I wish I would have had one of these when I was out there!

Three Pronged Cultivator from GrowOrganic.com

Summer Says:
Apr 1st, 2008 at 12:59 pm

Oh how right you are!! I was just thinking this morning—after having pulled some resurrected bermuda from my garden beds. That stuff is the scourge of the earth.


Lowell Says:
Jun 25th, 2008 at 7:25 pm

“Cooking it may not work and your plastic trash bags left out in the yard will start to break down leaving toxic plastic in the area. Better to pile it up somewhere (away from compost and/or water and let it get a good freeze in winter assuming you get hard freezes (above-ground) where you live. That will kill the rhizomes. That little hand cultivator you showed wouldn’t be much help imho. I’ve used the ““deep spader”“: http://www.groworganic.com/item_GDO500_Deep_Spader.html
for getting down in there and breaking up the soil to as deep as the rhizomes get. Then you need to carefully break up all the clumps and remove all the pieces of rhizome and stolon (above and below-ground ““runners”“)... probably a good smaller fork or garden rake would work. I had another tool that was great for that but it’s nothing sold by PVFS and I’m not even sure what it was called but it was great for breaking up the clumps that my clay-heavy soil broke into when using the deep spader.

Try not to bury your topsoil while doing all of this but you will need to get down in there a ways to successfully remove bermuda grass. That stuff is a pain!”

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