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As the Final Throes of Winter Give Way - Agribon is Your Best Friend.

By on March 31, 2011

Spring snow in Nevada County! Crops covered and growing!

The last few weeks we have had horrendous weather (horrible for gardeners who want to plant but have to wait). On this, the second day of beautiful springlike sunshine, I’d like to take a moment to sing the praises of Agribon. I planted a few transplants I picked up at our nursery, a couple of days before the few weeks of intermittent snowfalls. Luckily, we covered everything under Agribon as you see in the picture above.

Yesterday, I went out to uncover everything, so it could enjoy some direct sunlight, and low and behold, everything had tripled in size! We ate some greens last night, and I must say were delicious (there’s nothing like the taste of fresh greens that have endured cold).

If you’re getting the itch to plant as quickly as possible, be aware that we’re bound to have some more “less than desirable” weather between now and the final frost date in your area. Both Agribon and Wall-O-Waters are great ways to protect your young seedlings, early budding fruit trees, or any other plant that does not appreciate ice falling from the sky.

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