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Too much of a good thing…

Feb 24, 2008 -

I talked to a guy in the Peaceful Valley store who found out through a soil test that he has really high levels of micronutrients (he was probably overzealous with the Azomite).

It’s kind of like what happens when I reach too often for the Girl Scout Cookies or Valentine chocolate.  My body gets overloaded then I crash and feel like I need more! A vicious cycle of wrong signals!

So in the soil if there’s too many micronutrient competitors, they antagonize each other.  Pretty soon an all out brawl breaks out!  Zinc has Copper in a head lock…Manganese is gouging Iron’s eye out…Nickel body slams Boron!

As a result of the overload below, the brawling micronutrients are unavailable to the plants, so the above ground symptom is that the plants need MORE micronutrients.  And the natural reaction is to reach for more Azomite.

Whew! I’m tired.  A Coke sounds really good (but maybe I should have some raw almonds instead…).

Question & Answers: Understanding a Soil Anayl Says:
Jun 8th, 2009 at 12:17 pm

[...] Seems like you are doing a great job fertilizing and ensuring build up of organic matter! One thought I have is that you don’t need to apply Azomite every year especially if you also use kelp (skip a couple of years). Your report indicates that you have more than enough trace elements (except Manganese)  so I would hold off for a few years on the Azomite. I wrote a bit about what happens when there’s too many micronutrients in the soil on our blog if you want to check it out here. [...]

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