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A Day at Chaffin Family Orchard

By on September 30, 2011

Olive Orchard

We visited Chaffin Family Orchard and got quite the tour of their unique operation. The diversity and integration of this orchard is inspiring. I got some great shots of fruit and fur, it was certainly worth the drive.


Goats help prune the suckers from the olive trees.
Goat Pruning Patrol

Chickens work too by eating pest insects from the soil, fertilizing and doing a light tillage.
Chickens in an Olive Tree

These sheep from a heritage breed enjoy chin high grass and all the fallen pears they can eat.
Heritage Sheep

Ripe Bartlett pears
Beautiful Bartletts

The pomegranates were not quite ripe.
Ripening Pomegranates

This sheep posed for his portrait
Portrait of a Ram

Pomegranates have to be some of the most beautiful fruit.
Green Pomegranates



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